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Digital Technology, Inc. was incorporated in 1981 to provide electronic product design, development, and manufacturing services to the industrial control and instrumentation market. During the past thirty years we have developed many electronic products.

Our markets are diverse and include customers from the Automotive, Process control, Oilfield, Marine, Medical, Entertainment, Industrial & Home Automation and other industries.

Our engineering staff's design experience allows us to offer a broad range of expertise in many areas of electronic product development including hardware and software design and system integration. Our designs use the latest available technology.

We specialize in Industrial system design, LCD displays and embedded processor hardware and software development. Our products are designed to be reliable, user-friendly and cost effective.

Our mission is to provide an effective, convenient, and economical resource for our customers. We help our customers increase their product lines and boost sales through the use of our products, design capabilities, and manufacturing services. We strive to provide high quality products and services at reasonable prices. It is our aim to build a long term strategic partnership with each of our customers.

We can provide cost effective solutions for your product and system designs.

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