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Flatpanel PC

Flatpanel PCs are all in one computers with flat LCD touch screens in one enclosure. We presently offer LCD screen sizes from 5.7”  to  65”. Many options are available. These LCD panel pc are used in many applications today 

Model Series


LCD size



IPPC series

8.4” to 22”

Low cost industrial touchscreen flat panel pc with rugged features. This is our newest line of panel pc which replaces our 600 series.  Same size, more features.


Sun Readable

8.4” to 65”

Sun readable touchscreen panel pc’s for outdoor kiosks, order confirmation, ATM and many other industrial applications where a bright readable LCD panel pc is required.


AFL  series

5.7” to 22”

Low cost flat panel pc with touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth and  LAN for industrial, office and home automations applications. A waterproof front panel and 12 vdc power supply make it ideal for use in cars, taxis, trucks and boats Small, inexpensive touchscreen panel pc with an Intel 1.6Ghz Atom cpu,





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