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Digital Video

Digital Video

Bring the power of video to your network!

The Viogate system puts video on your network. It includes a full line of video capture boards, a video server card and video servers. Viogate Master software can be used to manage the system from a remote location on the LAN or Internet. Each server can handle up to 4 cameras and any number of servers can be used.

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User Manual

Price 1 - 19

IVC 100

Video Capture board, 4 channels, 30 fps


IVC 100G

Video Capture board, 4 channels, 30 fps and general purpose I/O


IVC 200

Video Capture board, 4 channels, 120 fps


IVC 200G

Video Capture board, 4 channels, 120 fps, general purpose I/O



Video Capture board, 4 channels, 120 fps MPEG-4 video & audio capture



Video Capture Systems that include a computer and LAN access




Network DVR board, 4 channels, embedded CPU and Linux OS, LAN access



VioGate 100

IP Video Server Module, 4 channels, embedded CPU, LAN access



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